Story: Broken rules

After I hang up the phone with you I get up from my desk, and grab my suit coat hanging from the stand next to my office door.  I check out with my receptionist Julie. She gives me a wink and says to take it easy on you.  I give her a half chuckle and head to the elevator. I take it to the bottom floor of the parking garage, and hop in the car.  I quickly pull out and begin to plot the fastest way home.  I’m growing angrier and angrier as I replay the conversation in my head.

“I know I wasn’t supposed to have any one over, and it was an accident I swear.”

I do have to take into consideration that you did not lie to me, you just disobeyed me, which can be just as bad.   I’m sitting in traffic now, thinking of all the ways I could punish you for disobeying me. I roll down my window and take a single cigarette out of my cigarette case and light it.

About 45 minutes later I’m hitting the entry button on the control to open the gate to the house.  I enter through the door and you greet me, throwing your arms around me and burying your head in my shoulder.  You are all ready starting to cry.

“I’m sorry Sir, we did not mean to spill the wine on the new carpet, and I know the ladies were not to come over today.”

“Then why did you do it? Why did you disobey me?”

“I do not know Sir, please have mercy.”

I grab you by the arm and take you to the couch, where I throw you over my knee.  I use my left arm to hold you over my knee as I begin to spank you with my right hand.  I alternate from cheek to cheek and then spank the middle of your round, pert bottom.  I spank you over and over again as your cries get louder.


“Owwww! Oohhh. Sorry Sir.”

“ Not as sorry as you will be, you spoiled little slut.”


I quickly lift your skirt and being spanking you over your black lace panties. I can see parts of bare skin that are turning an angry red color.  I can also begin to smell your arousal and see some dampening on your panties.

I continue spanking you quickly, enjoying the sounds of your yelps and screams before I take your panties down. Once your panties are down I resume spanking you quickly, with more force now, making sure your ass, upper and lower thighs are well spanked.

After your spanking, there is no cuddle time or love. I place you on your knees and pull out my now hard cock.  I let out a gasp as your begin to suck my cock hungrily. I begin to give you a little praise while you are giving me an incredible blowjob.

“Now that’s my good little slut.”

You look up at me with your tear stained eyes and flushed cheeks.  I look down at you and run my fingers through your hair before I begin forcing you down onto my hard cock.

Before I come, I stop you and tell you to bend over the edge of the couch.  I begin to play with your very wet shaved pussy.  I enjoy your moans and squirms while I unfold every little bit of you.

I finger you until I feel you come on my hand. I give your aching bottom a good slap before I slide into you. I give you a few thrusts, just enough to get your juices around my rock hard dick.  I pull out out and spread your cheeks wide.  I spit in your tight little bud and being to push myself in.

You try and relax while I begin to anally enter you. Before you know it, I am pulling out and cumming all over your cute little ass.  I stand, redress myself, and order you to go take a shower.