Story: Chores

I had just come home from a horrific day at the office only to find that the air conditioner had quit working and the girls had not even started the chores off of their chore list.  I was becoming quite frustrated.  I quickly changed out of my suit and got into my comfy old jeans and a T-shirt. I headed out to the garden to start turning soil and relax.

After about an hour of work, the girls returned home, Beth hollered for me off the deck
“Love, we are home!”

I quickly replied “Good. We need to talk”.  I doubt she heard me because she was quickly gone again.

I finished the row I was working on and headed back into the house.  I found Sasha on the couch watching TV and Beth reading a magazine.  I looked at the kitchen and the chore board and nothing had been done.  I flashed back to a text message conversation with a friend, about how spanking may not be the best form of discipline since the girls may anticipate and enjoy it. I had responded with, “There is a large difference between play spankings and disciplinary spankings in this house.”

I washed my hands in the kitchen sink, still thinking about how I should handle things this time.  Chores are due by Saturday night but sometimes I let them slip until Sunday. It had been a busy week, but I was still able to put in forty plus hours and still get my list of chores completed as well as turn and plant a large chunk of the garden.  Something had to be done.

I dried my hands and went into the living room and shut off the TV.  Now both sets of eyes were on me.

“It’s Monday evening and chores have not been started.”

They both started to get up with minor groans

“ No, stay where you are. No reason to get up.”

I went on about my week and the frustration and they both apologized. I gave the standard pep talk about how in order for this Poly living situation to work, everyone needed to pull their own weight. I also apologized for not holding up my end of the deal as the structure and enforcer of the house rules.  I then sent them both to go change into T-shirts and panties and assigned them each to a corner of the house.

While the girls were in their corners waiting, I finished getting cleaned up. I moved a chair from the dining room to the living room and sat the new brush on it. I really wanted this to stick this time, so I let them stew in their respective corners a little longer while I got dinner started.
I then called them both into the living room to sit on the couch.  I sat down in the chair and asked Sasha to come over while patting my lap.

Sasha whispered “Sorry” as she went over my knee.  She was wearing a cute pair of Love pink boy shorts. I tried not to chuckle at the irony here.  I raised my hand mid-level and brought it down with a medium force.  The pop was rather loud in the living room.  I began repeating this over and over again, going from left cheek to right cheek.


Sasha began to wiggle and squirm as I increased the intensity. She was also crossing and uncrossing her legs.  She began to let out little “Ouches” and “Eeeps”. I could see her bottom turning from a glowing white to a nice sharp pink were her boy shorts did not cover her pert little bottom.

I stopped only for a moment to take her boy shorts down below her bottom. The shorts framed her cute pink bottom perfectly. I will admit I enjoyed the view.  I quickly returned to warming her backside.  In moments she was kicking her feet a little allowing her shorts to slide down her legs.  After about six more spanks I stopped and picked up the hairbrush.

I brought the brush down on her left cheek first, she jumped “Owwwww! Oh my god!”
I watched the red round mark fade as I brought it down on her right cheek. She jumped again this time with more of a shriek – no real words.  I continued this pattern for about ten good smacks.  Sasha continued to kick her feet and I got a couple of glimpses of the moisture building between her legs.

When I felt her bottom had been spanked a enough, I sat the brush on the floor and softly rubbed her bottom.  It was very warm to the touch. Once she had regained her composure, I allowed her to get up and go back to the couch.

I then called Beth over.  I took Beth over my knee without much hassle. I quickly raised the oversized T shirt she was wearing (I think it was mine). She was wearing a pair of French cut ruffle butt panties.  I quickly went to work bouncing my hand from left cheek to right.  She kicked almost immediately.

I watched her skin tone and body language just waiting for the right moment to stop and lower her panties.  I did not have to spank too much longer before I could see spots of her bottom turning pink.

I stopped, but instead of whisking her panties down in a hurry I decided to lecture on the points of the lecture I had given just before spanking them.  After feeling my point had been made I briskly removed Beth’s panties and laid into her bare bottom with my hand.  I counted about twelve spanks before grabbing the hairbrush.  Beth was not making very much noise at all, for that matter she was being very stoic.  Honestly, I think she had been in this position way more the Sasha.  Sasha’s backside was still very new to being spanked.

I cracked the brush down on Beth’s bottom, this quickly broke her stoic silence. Had my left arm not been wrapped around her she would have jumped off my lap.  I had to hold her firmly in place to continue administering the brush.  When done, she lay over my knee cursing me and breathing heavily.

Once she stood, I ordered both girls to remove their panties and leave them on the chair in the living room.  I then sent each girl to do their chores with their bare bottoms showing. I will admit I enjoyed walking around the house seeing the girls busy with their work, their red bottoms showing my recently applied handiwork.

I went to the spare room and grabbed two pillows.  I placed each pillow on a chair in the kitchen and called the girls to dinner. I had them wash up and get their panties from the living room.  We sat down for dinner, each of them on a pillow and talked about our day as if nothing had happened.  After dinner, I sent each of them to their rooms. They did not have to sleep but I wanted both of them to have reflection time to remember the consequences of incomplete chores.  I took this time to enjoy a nice cup of tea and read my seed catalogs.

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