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A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anyone

Uncle Charles was kind enough to take in his niece and teach her to become an obedient, thoughtful young lady. He does it by setting consistent boundaries and she knows what she needs to do to keep in line. He reminds her of her place regularly by placing her over his knee for discipline. Their conversation is actually quite endearing and she asks for a …

Where’s My Toast?

This husband was not happy to wake up this morning and find his wife had forgotten to have his toast with marmalade and tea ready. She took care of getting herself ready first. Well, he gave her a little disciplinary reminder spanking and she is quite the wriggler. He pulls out some new toys and she’s not too happy about it either.

The First Punishment

We had been married two years when my father-in-law died. Susan, my wife, and I spent an afternoon at her mother’s helping her go through her father’s stuff. Whatever wasn’t particularly sentimental was being given to Good Will. Stuff was being slowly sorted in boxes and bags when I came across what looked to me like an old riding crop at the back of a …