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Site Update: Dreams Of SPanking Dominance and Submission

Another amazing scene from Dreams of Spanking.  The scene tittle is Dominance and Submission.  This scene is immensely decedent.  True Submission is given by a very adorable submissive. You can tell just in the images alone that is true connection and submission. There is no acting going on here. You can tell D has pride and  love for his amazing partner Pandora This scene touched …

Update: Dreams of spanking Caned in the Stables

Dear Reader Pandora Blake and her real life partner D are at it again. They have created another beautifully done update.  Pandora plays a young stable girl who is caught sleeping, when she should have been cleaning the stables.  She gets her bare ass soundly spanked. Awww she looks so cute while she is sleeping. Spanking starting out over the panties. Bare butt to get …

Hot Shower spanking

I have had a huge crush on Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake.   Now I have even more fantasy fodder, Dreams Of Spanking gives us both of them together in the shower.  "On a dirty lesbian weekend, Pandora gives her lover a rude awakening, dragging her out of bed and shoving her under the shower. She's decided Ten is a filthy slut who needs cleaning up! …

Humpday: Pandora Blake

This hump-day is brought to you by Dreams of spanking. I really love the heat and dynamic of Pandora and D. This shoot is honestly so fitting for a Humpday. There is some very nice spanking action in this update as well. There is something so hot about submission in-front of mirrors.  This update has everything, Sex, submission and spanking.

Bedtime Spanking

I really have a soft spot for cute over the knee spankings.  I really enjoy scenes that have love and affection to go with them.  Pandora Blake and Thomas have such an amazing chemistry. They really make there scenes pop. I have to admit even I have been known to take my girl over my knee before bed, and sound spank her.  I often find it relaxes …