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Cool and Quiet

Not everyone makes a lot of noise when being spanked. Some of us are the stoic type. This doesn’t always work for some people because it doesn’t give the spanker a lot of information into how the spankee is feeling. This doesn’t mean we’re not enjoying it, or that we’re just “putting up” with it (though sometimes this happens), it just means we’re not as …

Tube Tuesday: amatour couple spanking

I was almost thinking there was not going to be a tube Tuesday. None of the most recent video’s really did it for me.  So I pushed it off and for once procrastination has paid off.  I found this amazing video from SpankAnonymous. Another great couple willing to share the adventures in spanking with the world.   Be sure to leave them some comments of support.  This …

Where’s My Toast?

This husband was not happy to wake up this morning and find his wife had forgotten to have his toast with marmalade and tea ready. She took care of getting herself ready first. Well, he gave her a little disciplinary reminder spanking and she is quite the wriggler. He pulls out some new toys and she’s not too happy about it either.