taking my own advice: Paying for a spanking session

Drear Readers


As some of you know I will be attending my first large spanking party in a couple of weeks. I will be headed to Chicago for Chicago Crimson moon. Hitting my thirties and loosing some people who were very close to me has opened my eyes. I need to get out and do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do.   A few months ago I posted an article about paying for play and why some people do it ” pay to play” .


Well I’m going to put my money were my mouth is. I have been in contact with the amazing Alex Reynolds. And Yes I’m setting up a one hour fantasy spanking session. This session has been fully customized and tailored to me! Alex has been very professional and courteous in ironing out all of the options and scenarios that could be done.  Now I have a couple of other friends that I will be playing with at the party, I also hope to make new friends and spank some new bottoms as well. But being able to plan out a scene I have wanted to do for years with some one who is about as excited as I am is just amazing.

You still have time to contact Alex

her site: http://alexinspankingland.blogspot.com/

Twitter:  @Spankingland

I will try and get some pictures of before and after our scene. I’m also going to try and sit down and do an audio interview with Alex.  If you have any questions for her leave them in the comments or just e-mail me.

Sorry for the grammar and other English errors in this post and in others but my editor is still unavailable.