The Conference (Story)M/F

I’m going to generalize as much of this story as possible.  If the other person involved ever found out I posted about this in detail that could lead back to them, they would kill me.  Also this was not run through my editor before I posted it.

A few month ago I went to a rather large conference for Internet marketing professionals.  This was not an adult industry conference just a general one.  There I started to network with a fellow profesional.  Her name was Jane.   Jane was an adorable curvy girl with green eyes fair skin and bright red hair.

We talked between conference tracks about our clients and different methods and plans we used for particular markets.  One market she mentioned she wanted to get into was adult sites, and other adult related sites.  After revealing that I had clients in those markets I quickly began to show her what I was working on.

She seemed to be more interested in the content than in the methods behind how I was marketing it.  After a little more chatting I found out she had a slight interest in being spanked.  Hearing this was like adding a drop of blood into a shark tank.

I shared with her my experiences giving spankings to people who were at her point of interest and doing it discretely.  Before I knew what was going on we had fully negotiated a small scene and were headed back to her hotel room.  Once in her room she was over my knee receiving a nice warm up spanking over her slacks.  After about fifteen to twenty spanks I stooped and spoke her her about how much further she wanted this to go.

She said she wanted more sting, we quickly concluded that in order for this to happen her claks would have to come down.  I let her up and she quickly unbuttoned and pulled down her slacks.  I could tell she was getting nervious.  I took a moment to admire her shapely bottom. She was wearing a very cute pair of green sheer panties.

I quickly went back to my task of delivering solid spanks to her pantie clad bottom.  I began to pick up speed as I heard her gasp for air.  Shortly after I reached almost full force she said our negotiated safe word.  I quickly stopped and let her catch her breath over my knee.  Her bottom was not very red, but had a few shades of pink to it.

After catching her breath she got up. Her face was flushed and her eyes showed hints of moisture.  She said thank you, and we hugged.   I gave her some time alone in her room to freshen up and then we had lunch together.

I know not supper exciting but I wanted to throw it out there.