The Cycle of Turning Each Other On

There are things I don’t do or think of doing until I’m in a situation where I’m being properly dominated, which means I am susceptible to a good Dom and will sometimes do things I don’t “want” to do. By this I don’t mean I’m forced, just that under normal circumstances, I never thought I would do it. Don’t get me wrong, I can say the safeword at any time, but I make a choice not to. Sometimes that becomes part of the bigger turn-on.

For example, like in this spanking video, as an outsider I fear the guy will get his dick bitten off – not a hot thought. But if I think back to my personal experience – with the right person – this is an amazingly hot dynamic. I get turned on being spanked. I get turned on giving head. I get turned on knowing the guy I’m with trusts me not to bite his dick. I get turned on knowing he is getting turned on. He gets turned on by a great blow job and spanking a hot, round butt. The actions and we, feed off each other. It’s the cycle of turning each other on. What could be hotter than that?