The Dancer part two

Dear Reader

It was a few weeks later, Lydia, and her husband had separated after having a huge fight. He was out of town on business again, as well. We had  gotten off work and were going to have breakfast with a couple of co-workers. After we had eaten we decided to share a cab home. Lydia just lived a couple of blocks from me.

We were sitting at her house watching a movie when she decided she wanted to smoke some pot. She realized that she did not have any in the house at the time. She said she would do anything for some. I told her I could probably make a call and have it brought over. After a few moments and a phone call, her vice was delivered.

I told her I did not feel ok trying to spank her if she were high. She said it would be fine if we to play before she partook in her vice of choice. I sat on her couch and put her over my knee pulling down her shorts. She was wearing a cute pair of bright pink boy shorts. I wasted no time in pulling them down exposing her bare butt. Her ass was two perfect and firm globes of perfection.

I raised my hand and began bringing it down in short repetition. I took my time warming up her globes. I did not want this spanking to be a short one, so I wanted to make sure she had a proper warm up. She started to wiggle and squeak a little. I stopped spanking her and rubbed her bottom. She looked back at me and asked if that was all I had.

I said no I could tan her bottom until she could not sit down. I was half joking and did not expect her to say give me your best shot. I wasted no time and pinned her down over my knee and giving her a sound spanking. I enjoyed watching Lydia kick her feet. Every so often I would get a nice glimpse of her cute pussy. After a few more moments of smacking her ass and watching her wiggle over my lap. She used are agreed upon safe word, and the spanking stopped right away.

She got up, and we cuddled and finished watching the movie while she enjoyed smoking. A few moments later I asked if she would like some lotion placed on her sore bottom. She agreed, and I applied lotion to her warm bottom. I asked if she was ok with me letting my fingers wander. She said sure; I began to let my fingers wander down from her bottom to her sit spot, and rubbed around the outside of her warm and inviting pussy.

I slowly teased a couple of fingers into her soft warm pussy and fingered her my hand got tired. She thanked me for getting her off. She asked me if I would like anything in return. I thought for a moment and politely turned her down, I would have loved nothing more than a blowjob from her right there on the couch.  I opted to give her a spanking at a later time. She said that would be just fine. We parted ways for the evening, and I went home.

I was enjoying where this was going, but I was starting to have professional concerns of my own.