The First Punishment

We had been married two years when my father-in-law died. Susan, my wife, and I spent an afternoon at her mother’s helping her go through her father’s stuff. Whatever wasn’t particularly sentimental was being given to Good Will. Stuff was being slowly sorted in boxes and bags when I came across what looked to me like an old riding crop at the back of a closet. It was carved yellow wood and with a hard, dry leather bit at the end. I pulled it out to look at it in the light. I knew her father didn’t ride horses…

“What is this?” I asked, holding it up in the air. “Oh! …” My wife blushed. Just then her mother walked back into the room, “oh, you found Susie’s Punishment!”

“Yeah,” my wife admitted, finally finding her voice again. “Dad used that on me when I was bad.”

 “Oh really?” This is the first I’d ever heard of it! We had had conversations about having a DD marriage and she never brought this fact up. I was in disbelief and frankly, a little offended, but I asked if we could take it with us.

We dropped off some bags to be donated and drove home in relative silence. When we got home, I brought in the stuff we were keeping and left the riding crop in the entrance way.

At dinner, we sat down and I decided to broach the subject again. My wife seemed relieved to talk about it.

“Do you trust me?” I asked her, gently.

“Yes, I do.”

“So why didn’t you ever tell me about your dad and his punishments?”

“I don’t know really. I guess I found it sort of embarrassing. And I wanted to see if things could work a different way. I didn’t want to think of you like my father.”

“But I’m not your dad. It won’t feel the same as your dad and I’m sure I won’t be punishing you for the same things your dad did.”

“True. You’re right. I hadn’t thought if it that way.”

I walked around the table over to her and knelt down, taking her hands in mine. “I want to lead you. I want to take you in hand. I love you. Will you try this for us? I won’t let you down.”

Overcome by emotion, my wife whispered yes and I tell her she needs to have her first punishment. I send her upstairs to prepare. She calls out from the door of the bedroom to say she is ready for me and as I walk by the entrance, I pause at the riding crop, but decide not to take it with me. I’m not her dad; I don’t need to do things his way. I am her husband and I will do things my way.

She was in her long nightgown, sitting at the edge of the bed. I sat next to her and told her calmly that I felt betrayed by her leaving out details of her past for so long. I asked her if she had anything else she needed to tell me. “No,” she said quietly. “Well, for your first punishment, you’re going to lie over my lap. I’m going to spank you five times. You will count each one out loud.”

She climbs onto my lap and tentatively, my hand comes down on her nightgown covered ass. “One!” she announces. I strike her again, “two!” and it continues. As the numbers climb, she is less animated in her responses, but she takes it like a trooper. When it’s over, I let her stand up. She is breathless and breathtaking in her beauty at the same time. I see a different woman before me and I can tell from her eyes she now sees a different man. “No more secrets,” she says to me and I stand up and softly kiss her on her forehead. She melts into my arms.