The Hairbrush

As most of you know, my favorite spanking implement is the hairbrush.  Over the years I have used a wide range of hairbrushes on willing up turned bottoms.  I never really liked any of the modern styles you can buy in stores.  They have either broken, Split, or had an air cushion that made them more sting than thud.  I of course am not a fan of plastic at all.

A few years ago I found two old mason pearson wooden hair brushes in there box from the 1920’s. One of them I gave to a dear friend who runs a spanking Party in Portland,  The other I kept for use in my home.  My brush magically disappeared after a play party.  I never found a brush like it again until recently. (See picture above)

You can read more about some of the brushes adventures in   Chores and Testing it out 

I’m going to start hunting down more brushes and offering them for sale soon.  I think every spanko needs a nice solid wood brush for spanking behinds.