The Itch – A Two Part Spanking Story – Part 1

I can hear heavy breathing coming from down below. The sharp intake of breath and an audible exhale. There’s a rhythm to it – in, out, in, out. I start to creep down the basement stairs, just to the point where I can see him, but he can’t see me. I bend down to get a better look and see him on the floor, in plank position, facing away from me, going up and down, up and down. The rhythm and breathing continues. I see beads of sweat rolling down and pooling in the small of his bare back. His arm muscles flexing. It’s so sexy to watch him and hear him. I picture myself lying under him and being fucked instead of these push-ups he’s doing.

I get that tell-tale tingling deep in my pussy; that tickly sensation that feels like all my juices are slowing starting to flow. It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched and once it is, it’s the most delightful relief. I start to slowly creep down the stairs. Now I can see him, hear him and smell him.  Slowly, slowly, I descend while the consistent rhythm of his breath continues like an army march. I forget there’s a creaky spot on this stair – dammit! I freeze, but he stops, turns his head and sees me. I can’t run away now.

He’s got a smirk on his face. “You’ve been sneaking around, babe? How long have you been watching me?” He stands up and starts coming towards the stairs, obviously flattered that he’s had an admirer. “Oh, not long…I mean, I wasn’t watching you….” I stammer like some sort of little punished brat. “I was just heading down to the cold room for…uh…something….”

With one arm and one swift grab, he’s able to swoop up my small frame and pull me towards him. It’s still playful though and I love the feeling of his arms around me. “That sort of sneakiness deserves payback, you know that, right?” I do and I want nothing more, but I say nothing. He takes me over to the exercise bench and sits. Then he pulls me over, pulls down my stylish jean tights and panties to my knees and swiftly bends me over his lap. I don’t dare look up, in fact, I close my eyes tightly and when I think I hear him raise his hand, I flinch in anticipation. But he knows me too well by now and waits with his hand in the air. He waits until he sees my butt muscles relax. I feel my pussy tingling even more, wishing he would shove his fingers or dick in me to scratch this itch of mine. He brings his hand down swiftly and I tense up again, but instead of actually spanking me, he teases me by gently rubbing my butt cheeks. He slides his hand down between the folds of my vulva, feels my wetness and says in a low, quiet voice, “you got into trouble on purpose, you naughty slut.”

To Be Continued….