The Itch – A Two Part Spanking Story – Part 2

I totally relax and am so horny right now, and SMACK, he comes down sharply on my right butt cheek. I yelp, but it feels so good. He spanks me three more times in quick succession and then rams his fingers into my sopping wet pussy. He knows exactly the spot that makes me melt but he’s not quite reaching this itch. I need his dick for that, but I won’t get it right away. Even if I beg. I know this. I’ve tried before. I can feel his cock hard up against the side of my hip. It’s trapped in his workout shorts. Sometimes it gets so hard, I believe it might one day just rip through his clothes like The Hulk. SMACK, he spanks me again. He does it with authority. He does it with dominance. He does it with love. He does it with lust.
His lap is getting slippery from both our sweat. We both know I could take more, but that’s not what this is about. The punishment always has to fit the crime and this was but a small transgression (sneaking into his “man-cave” without his permission) and I had no ulterior motive other than to admire his hot body. We are both so horny by now there’s no point in continuing. He gets me to stand up and he gets up and lets his shorts slide to the ground. Without hesitating, I turn around and bend over, using the workout bench to lean on, my tights and panties still stuck around my knees. Like a dance we’ve done so many times before, after so many years of a DD marriage, we know our roles and what makes the other tick. He slides right into me from behind easily, his hard dick just the right size to satisfy me. We fuck franticly and cum quickly. And finally, this longing I had is satisfied. This deep itch has finally been scratched.