Thought Thursday: Bj’s and spanking

Dear Reader,


I have been thinking recently about a certain topic: mixing sexual play with spanking.  I know most Domestic Discipline and Taken in Hand resources talk of not playing or having any sort of sexual contact after discipline has been handed out.   But I have to admit as a top that enjoys the bodies of my partners, this is very difficult.


I have found that after being given a solid spanking, my partners give much more eager and fulfilling oral sex.  I almost think there have been times that my primary partner has had a hard time trying not to service me after a spanking.  It does not matter whether the session is for play or for discipline.


Maybe it is just me.  Maybe I’m not hard enough on my bottoms or maybe I’m not alone and this is just not a topic that is covered very often by discipline sites.

What do you think, Dear Reader?