Thursday Thought: Spanking is now way out in the open

I love the fact that spanking is returning to mainstream media.  I must say thank you to books such as 50 Shades of Grey and movies like A Dangerous Method.  Also, with more women being allowed to voice their sexual preferences and not feel ashamed, spanking and bondage and other “kinky” sexual play is making a comeback.

These pieces of literature are making it more acceptable in the mainstream for women to voice what they really want.   It’s not longer degrading or anti-feminist to want your lover to display power or force in the bedroom.  Even more so, it’s no longer taboo to have it as a relationship dynamic.  Honestly, I think it’s the same for both sides.  I know many high-powered men who enjoy going home and being spanked by their partners.

For the longest time, mainstream media painted the picture of the executive man on his hands and knees with woman in thigh high boots towering over him with a crop.  It’s nice to see we are now coming to a time where it no longer matters.  If you want to be on top then be on the top. If you want to be on the bottom then be on the bottom.

It’s very important to remember that you don’t need to be submissive or a “bottom” to enjoy being spanked or enjoy being tied during some spicy sex.  For some people, just being taken into the headspace is enough.  I do not find that your hedonistic activities define who you are.  Just because you enjoy being submissive at times does not make you a submissive person.

This post was sparked by a story I was given by my ex-partner. The story was posted by Newsweek — “Spanking Goes Mainstream”.  I’m going to keep my rant short: the author of the story simply does not get it!

But while digging around the net, I found a story by my favorite journalist when it comes to all things spanking, Jessica Wakeman. Check out her response to the Newsweek story at The Frisky titled “The Soapbox: Actually, Katie Roiphe, Feminists Are Not Perplexed About Submissive Sex”.

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