Thursday Toys for your spanking toy box part 2

We have gone over hairbrushes and touched on canes and researched panties .  It’s time to move onto another series of item I enjoy using:   leather straps.

I never recommend you run down to your local clothing store and just buy a belt. The main reason for this is because most of them are made of crappy material and not even true leather.  If you are going to just buy a belt, make sure it’s authentic leather and treatable.  Yes, I said treatable.  Leather is a material that must be taken care of properly. Like all of your toys, if you don’t take care of them, they will break.  You can find information on caring for leather online or ask your local boot black or leather retailer.  I get most of my leather care information from The London Tanners

Before using your belt or strap, remember the following:

–  Make sure you read up on properly using your belt or strap.
–  Never use the buckle.
–  Before you strike someone, try a pillow.  Make sure you can line up where you want the belt to land before you ever take a swing.
–  If you find a nice razor strap or belt at a flea market or antique store, remember that you will probably have to clean it up or treat it before use.

There are many types of leather toys out there for spanking.  Some of them require you bend your partner over an object and there are some that are my personal favorite that allow you to put them over your knee.  Honestly, I use and buy mostly from the Domestic Discipline series from The London Tanners.
I hope you enjoy using a strap or leather toy as much as I do.