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First of all, this page is just a list of providers I have personally ordered from or done business with.  I take no responsibility for any of the following vendors.  These vendors do not pay for this advertising.  You cannot ask to be placed on this page.  I must have either reviewed or used a product from your store.  Buy at your own risk.  If you have any issues with any of the following toy or costume vendors, please take it up with them.  Remember: spanking is for consenting adults only.  Whether you are in a domestic discipline relationship or you just enjoy the art of spanking, be sure to be safe and consensual.



This just is an amazing resource for spanking gear such as paddles and canes.  Can-Iac is not only a distributor of fine toys but there are also a few educational sections.  These sections are great for couples who are just starting to explore spanking or a domestic discipline relationship.

Rosy Bottom


I love the decorative toys at Rosy Bottom.  These toys can be placed on your mantle or dresser or even hung in your kitchen as a great conversation piece or a nice reminder to that bratty bottom in your home.  There are collections for your kitchen or bathroom. Honestly these items are cute and functional.  There wooden paddles are very sturdy and can be used to give out a very thorough and lasting spanking.


The providers below I have not done business with yet but I have heard good things about them:


Spank Sticks

spank sticks

Spank Sticks is a producer of some evil looking fiberglass and latex canes.  I personally think these toys will be great in skilled hands. I do not recommend these to anyone just starting out with using canes.  However, they also have a very sexy line of crops.  I have added Spank Sticks to my list of future toy purchases.

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