Toys for your spanking toy box Part 1

The comments in this post are purely mine and not of any of the sites or links in this post.  This advice is only for purchases of toys  to be used for spanking between consenting adults. I do not condone the spanking of children or any one under the age of 18.  Make sure you communicate with your partner and practice proper safety.

Well in the past couple of posts I have covered how to buy a hairbrush for spanking and how panties can improve a spanking scene.

Today I really want to talk about adding more toys to your spanking toy box.  Every one has there favorites and not so favorite spanking implements.   One really “controversial” toy is the cane.   I have never seen any other toy invoke the reaction and emotion response in people than the cane.  I have watched bottoms/subs/ naughty people willingly jump over a lap to get a brush or hand spanking to avoid the cane at all cost.

I have also seen  bottoms dread the cane, I could literally see the look in there eye.  No I myself do not often if ever use a cane.  I’m trained in the art of using a cane. I have felt a cane myself both over my clothing and on the bare. I can tell you it fucking sucks.  I have used a cane on a few bottoms that had negotiated for it.  It was often a school or super sadistic scene.

I can still honestly say that since you only live one, try the cane.  As a top and disciplinarian you might just like it.  I suggest checking out a couple of boards and ask a few other tops before jumping into it.  See if there is a proper caning workshop in your community.

In some ways I do feel the same way about canes that I do about hairbrushes, I only use organic material such as rattan. Rattan has flexibility and can also be purchased in many sizes.  If you are looking to purchase your first cane or looking for more information on canes I highly suggest can-iac. I have never gotten a sub par quality product. There packaging is discrete and there canes when taken care of will last for a very long time.  There is also some great information on and about caning.

Also Cane-iac offers some amazing otk packages for stocking up your spanking arsenal.