Triple A spanking: Alex Reynolds “Bear” spanking

Another great scene from Triple A spanking featuring Alex Reynolds. This scene has everything I love from drop seat footed pajamas

Alex Reynolds

Two bratty girls having a pillow fight

Alex Reynolds drop seat footed pajamas spanking

Over the knee bare bottom spanking, both hand and hairbrush

furry spanking stuffed bear spanking

A poor abused stuffed bear even gets a few licks in.  This update is both funny and cute. A must have for any spanking clip collection.

(Site description): Naughty Mr Bear : Welcome to Alex Reynolds’ 1st F/F spanking film here at Triple A & what a stunning debut it is too! She was on a sleepover with Zoe Page, a real bratty princess who always gets her way. The girls play & have a pillow fight but then Alex said some horrible things about “Mr Bear”, Zoe’s huge stuffed cuddly teddy. Things really took off as Alex was pinned to the floor and spanked by a spiteful Zoe as Mr Bear watched! Then to add insult to injury (or a very sore red bottom) Zoe fetched her hairbrush to remind Alex who was in charge & then placed her over the lap of her stuffed teddy with her bottom exposed & burning red for Mr Bear to have a go! How humiliating! This is a delightful sleepover romp for pajamas lovers & contains some great banter with good hard spankings you’d expect from Zoe!