Tube Tuesday : Spanking Deb

Dear Reader

It is time for another Tube Tuesday.  This week we focus on an adorable brat named Deb.  You can check out some previews of her amazing videos at spankingtube.

I stumbled upon this sweet girl one day surfing videos.

I quickly had to fund out more about her.  You can check out her blog at

After searching through her site I quickly became a fan.  She has an amazing backside and is very responsive to her rather hard spankings.

Debs spanked

I was very happy to see that Deb and her Daddy have been very very busy creating videos that you can buy and enjoy from both Clips4sale and Spankinglibrary and there own company site firmdiscipline

I really enjoy covering and sharing content from people who really love and embrace being into the spanking lifestyle.  There are no fake tears, or flashy models.  This is work put together by  people who really love spanking.

debs bottom

So dear reader go check her out and buy her videos.  The more we support artists like this, the more content they will create.

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