Upcoming events and vacation

I figured moving to the Midwest would give me allot more time for writing and working on projects.  I was not entirely wrong, I don’t work as long or as hard as used to.  Recently some of my marketing and design clients have been eating  up my spare time.   There are allot of changes coming to Punishedbrats.com also David Pierson has his own blog now at  punishedbratsblog.  This has made me a rather busy boy!

But after I get back from working Kinkfest it is going to be full speed ahead on a few other projects then my fantastic VACATION!!!! That’s right my Vacation of Joy this year will be Boardwalk Badness Weekend. This is going to be my first ever large scale spanking party.  I have done lots of large kink and fetish events . I have enjoyed nice personal spanking parties with the Red Cheeks club in Hillsboro but never a large all weekend event.  I’m going to get to meet some online friends for the first time as well as conenct with people I have been doing work for that I have never met.  So how many of you are going?