What About the Undies?

What About the Undies?

I love panties, I love undies, I don’t care what you call them, I love them (with the exception of thongs but I will go into that a bit later.)

As a bottom/submissive I really feel panties are a huge part of this aspect of my identity.  Most females I know take great pride in the panties, having the bra and pantie match, or the pair that shapes things most perfectly. However as someone who regularly enjoys having my pants taken down and my undies exposed in the home or for others to see (at an event or such) my panties are an even bigger deal to me.

For me, there are three aspects Cute, Comfort, and accessibility.

Cute~ my panties have to be cute If they are cute and sassy all the better. My favorite sassy pair has to be a pair that says “Kiss This” because odds are if someone is seeing my bum it’s because they, or an object of theirs is about to make a contact with it, and most likely because I have been a Brat (oops! Hah).

Comfort~ my bum is a no ride up zone.  I avoid thongs for that very reason! I do not like having things up m butt crack, I do not find it cute and well they have to be cute, see above. So what makes comfortable? Well it has to fit well. Not too big, not too small panties have to fit. Well fit panties also frame the ass nicely and make for a great visual for the one doing the spankings. They have to be soft, or a material that one can wear for the desired length of time. Nothing is worse than having a ruffle pair of panties and then having to sit in them for 6 hours… it makes your bum hurt and not in the fun spanking way! The panties should also not pinch or chafe the wrong areas.  After all if you’re like me, your bum (or the bum of your partners has enough opportunities to be sore, why add to it by uncomfortable panties?!

Accessibility~ they have to come down easily! Nothing is more fun than the feeling of having your panties being pulled down and that moment before the spanking resumes.

This all ties into to the perfect pair of panties, the perfect pair of panties leads to awesome spankings, and awesome spankings are well awesome! And well who doesn’t want awesome spankings?