When He gets home

I had just completed my online class, and had decided to relax with a cup of hot tea, when I noticed  that my loving husband would soon be home.  He has been working a lot of overtime at the office the past few weeks, and tonight I’m going to give him a special treat to show him my appreciation for everything he does for us.

I quickly went to my closet where I pulled out my white blouse and school girl skirt that I had ordered a few weeks prior. Reaching into my underwear drawer, I retrieve a new pair of white cotton panties and my white knee high socks. I found my Mary-Janes in the closet at set them at the foot of the bed.

After lighting a stick of our favorite incense I disrobed while making my way to the shower, were I washed every inch of my body in Daddy’s favorite body wash.  My spirits begin to rise knowing soon I will make my husband a very happy man. After finishing my shower I wrap myself in a large cotton towel.  I don’t allow too much time to enjoy the sensation because there is too much to do and so little time. I want everything to be perfect for him.  Quickly I blow dry my hair and brush it out so it’s easy to perfectly braid. I make sure the braids are perfect and tight, I don’t want them coming out if he decides he wants to use them for leverage.

Sitting on the edge of my bed looking over my new uniform, I feel myself blush a little as I put on the white cotton panties. While I pull on my socks and then my skirt I feel just a little dirty and wrong, but at the same time it feels naughty and right. I button up my blouse then unbutton the top trying to figure out if I should be a prim and proper school girl or a naughty cleavage showing tart. I I figure it’s Daddy’s decision how much of me is exposed so I button the blouse all the way to the top. Now for the final touch, I grab my Wet N Wild red lipstick and apply it generously to my lips.

I look at the clock, twenty minuets until he pulls in.  I get my shoes on and rush downstairs.   I pull the prepped roast of the fridge and put the crock pot together and set the timer.  We are both going to be very hungry after we are done.  I have a brief  flash of him not being happy to see me like this when he walks in that rushes over me but I push the thought back.  I still have about 10 minutes before he gets home when my cell phone rings, it’s him, I answer quickly.

“Hi honey.”
*Noise and loud hissing in the background*

“Hello doll, just calling to let you know I’m stuck in traffic and might be about 20 minutes late.”

I breath a quick sigh of relief.

“That’s okay honey, just hurry home.”

I hear the other cars in the background.

” Okay princess, love you.”

I respond, “Love you too.”

The phone clicks off. There is nothing left to do, so I grab my school bag and pull out my chemistry book and my notes from today’s lectures and begin to study.  What seems like an eternity later I hear the garage door open.

I try to focus on my books but my face flushes and I feel a little moisture between my legs.