When I get home

I enter the house, and there she is sitting at the kitchen table. Her head down, busily reading her school books. Her blond tightly knit pigtails hung over the shoulders of her white blouse. I enter the kitchen slowly watching her body language to see if she is actually busy or just trying to look busy.

“How was your day honey?” I ask her, getting a water bottle from the fridge.

“Horrible, I suffered all day in class thinking about tonight,” she said with a pout on her lips.

I stop, looking at her for a moment letting my eyes feast on her. Her plaid pleated skirt resting perfect on her lap with just a hint of her milky white thighs exposed.

“Well then lets get this taken care of,” I say, taking her chain into my hand. Her eyes stare at me pleading to change my mind. Her eyes looks down trying to look away from me.

“Yes Sir,” she stands and we head upstairs to our room.

I follow her up the stairs keeping just enough distance to enjoy the short glimpse up her skirt. Her white panties hug her tight round bottom. I can almost see an outline of her mound as she takes each stair.

After we enter the room, I seat myself on the edge of our bed and take her hand. “You know I would not do this unless it was needed love.”

She stairs at the floor only looking at me for a brief moment.
“Yes Sir, I know. It’s my fault; what I did was just stupid of me.”

I fight back a smile. “I’m glad you are taking responsibilities for your actions.”

I take her over my left leg and place my right leg behind her knees. I then raise the hem of her skirt and tuck it into the waistband. I waste no time in slipping my fingers slowly into the waist band of her panties. I slowly pull them down letting my eyes enjoy the view of her pert white bottom. I feel her body tense as the waistband of her panties snaps the spot were her bottom meets her thighs.

A moment passes as my hand rubs her perfectly shaped bottom. A white unblemished canvas that I will soon paint a very warm rosy picture on. She looks back at me over her shoulder catching me enjoying the view.

“Sir can we get this over with?”

I quickly come to my senses. “Of course young lady.”
My right hand comes down on her tight upturned rump. I start out slowly warming her bottom. As her bottom turns from cream white to a flushed pink I pick up speed. She does not wiggle or move but almost relaxes into the rhythm of my hand smacking her bottom.

I pick up speed and increase velocity her leg muscles tighten and she begins to lift up. I hold her down not giving her an inch. She squeaks out, “Please sir, not so hard.” Her plea falls on deaf ears. I increase my speed cause her to take a deep breath and hold it. Her bottom turns from pink to a nice shade of red. I begin spanking her muscular thighs and I feel her body reach the breaking point. She begins to whimper and moan her body tries to twist and break free of my grabs. I hold her tighter and begin spanking harder. She begins to beg me to stop and let her up. Her legs part as she tries to kick, allowing me to catch a glimpse of her sex glistening with her excitement. I stop, rubbing her bottom, I can feel the warmth of the blood rushing to the surface of her skin.

“Your body language tells me you hated that love, but your moist sex is telling me something different,” I say sliding one finger over her slit.

~To be continued~