Why the angle?

For some reason there are just certain angles and shots in spanking photo’s and shoots that I juts love.  Here is a recent example from PunishedBrats.


Bronte spanked by David Pierson on punishedbrats

I have no idea what it is about seeing the expression on the face along with just a little of the bare bottom. You can clearly see her panties are just above her knee.  The icing on the cake for me is also the slightly raised hand of the spanker.

I’m curious readers what does this image say to you?

2 replies on “Why the angle?”

  1. You’re right. This is a great angle for this shot because you can see her face and just a little of the bare bottom. Also,she looks like she’s thinking about something. What is it? Is it the spanking to come or what she did to deserve it? Maybe it’s just, “I hope I get paid well for this!”

  2. Exactly!

    I try and keep my private stick of stored images small. I noticed last night most of them were angles just like this one. I think for me it is really comes down to the scene as a whole, not just one part.

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